Bradley-Turner Leadership Scholars

The deadline to apply for the 2017 Bradley-Turner Scholarship has passed. Please contact Jen Rentschler, Director of the Center for Leadership and Service, with any questions.

Crane Scholarship

Applications for the William Moore Crane Leadership Scholarship are due by 5pm on Wednesday, August 23rd. Please contact Jen Rentschler, Director of the Center for Leadership and Service, with any questions.

Center for
Leadership and Service

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Mission and Purpose


We believe that leadership and service are interconnected. These concepts, built upon a foundation of self-inquiry, require individuals to embark on an authentic, life-long journey of leadership learning and active citizenship. This journey is characterized by continuous discovery as we all continue to develop the capacity to lead and serve. By connecting to our innermost selves we are better able to identify compelling community needs and work to create positive change. Leaders have a responsibility to create inclusive communities that respect the dignity and worth of all people and to act with integrity.



The Center for Leadership & Service empowers students to intentionally engage in leadership learning and practice active citizenship.



The Center for Leadership & Service envisions a promising future where students and alumni are:

• active and engaged citizens and lead with integrity.
• advocates for a society that promotes the well-being and equal participation of all groups.
• active leaders with a strong public service tradition and contribute to the development and enhancement of leadership capacity in others.
• committed, accountable, life-long learners who seek to understand global societal complexities and act to create positive change in their communities and professions.


Guiding Principles

Life-Long Learning: requires a commitment to the continuous process of learning by promoting and supporting academic excellence and the commitment to developing individual purpose by engaging with others.

Active Citizenship: fosters a life-long spirit of service that compels us to engage reciprocally with the world around us to identify and address community needs through humble service.

Interculturalism: acknowledges the interconnectedness of all people, while honoring and valuing the unique identities, backgrounds, and talents of others in order to create inclusivity.

Justice: promotes a critical understanding of the social complexities in a global community to move toward making a positive impact.


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