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What is Leadership UGA?

Leadership UGA, established in 1985, is a program unlike any other at the University. The purpose of this program is to recognize the truly outstanding leaders on this campus, provide them a unique opportunity to interact with each other and prominent leaders, and to become more aware of the social issues facing our campus, community, state, nation, and world.

Through interactive discussions, readings, and multimedia viewings, students will learn and explore stories about individuals that have made an impact in their community and the ways in which they can do the same in their future communities. Through participation in Leadership UGA students will also have a better understanding of their values, a commitment to serving their community, and an understanding of one’s self and others. The program emphasizes community, integrity, active citizenship, life-long learning, interculturalism, responsibility, and collaboration. Participants meet biweekly starting in September and continuing through February.  

Leadership UGA is made possible by the generous support of the Richard B. Russell Foundation.

Program Benefits

  • All expenses, including meals, travel, and lodging for off-campus experiences will be paid for by Leadership UGA. 
  • Meet and work alongside other UGA students who share similar interests and passions for learning about and making a positive impact in the local community.
  • Participate in meaningful opportunities to learn more about challenges and opportunities facing both Georgia and Athens, and how leaders are creating innovative solutions to address them throughout the state and locally.

Program Dates

  • Sep 23rd– On-Campus Program Retreat

  • Sep 25th– On-Campus Program Session 1  

  • Oct 9th– On-Campus Program Session 2

  • Oct 19th–20th- Tour of Georgia (Tentative**)

  • Oct 23rd– On-Campus Program Session 3

  • Nov 2rd– Tour of Athens (Tentative**)

  • Nov 13th– On-Campus Program Session 4

  • Dec 4th– On-Campus Program Session 5 (Recharge for finals)

  • Jan 15th– On-Campus Program Session 8

  • Jan 26th- Tour of Atlanta (Tentative**)

  • Jan 29th– On-Campus Program Session 10

  • Feb 12th– Leadership UGA Closing Reception

*The Tour of Georgia is an overnight experience, beginning in the morning on Friday, October 19th and continuing through early evening on Saturday, October 20th.
*The Tour of Athens is a half-day experience on Friday, November 2nd in the afternoon where multiple stops will be made visiting with leaders from different organizations and sectors across our local community.

*The trip to Atlanta is a full-day experience.  We will plan to depart campus early on Saturday, January 26th and return late that same evening.



Leadership UGA Applications

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Leadership UGA

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Jennifer Rentschler, Director