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What is the Institute?


  • The University of Georgia LeaderShape Institute is an extensive, six-day leadership development experience introducing student participants to various aspects and issues relating to personal and group leadership, leading with integrity, and creating personal goals for the future. This is accomplished through a “leadership curriculum” that involves a combination of working in large groups, participating in smaller group discussions, individual reflection, and most of all, interactive activities/experiences. The LeaderShape Institute will include a diverse group of students from all over campus representing numerous student groups, organizations, and interests.

Faculty and staff positions

Cluster facilitator

  • The Family Cluster is the formal support and reference group for the participants during the week. The Cluster Facilitator also serves as the group’s resource, catalyst and coach. The Cluster Facilitator does not serve as a parent or gatekeeper. Instead, the Cluster Facilitator serves as a bridge between the Learning Community and learning application in the Family Cluster. Specific roles within the Family Cluster and Learning Community include:
    • modeling leadership behavior and acting with integrity
    • clarifying, summarizing and sharing ideas
    • guiding group discussions
    • facilitating selected segments of the curriculum
    • establishing a climate conducive to learning
    • challenging assumptions and encouraging reflection and feedback
    • maintaining an energy level that matches the pace of The LeaderShape Institute
  • Because Cluster Facilitators have considerable interaction with the participants, they are very valuable members of the faculty during The LeaderShape Institute. The Cluster Facilitator supports participants as they develop their Breakthrough Blueprints and encourages positive interpersonal and group development in a safe and trusting environment. Cluster Facilitators are also encouraged to maintain contact with members of their Family Cluster following their session. This contact helps participants “stay in action” on their visions after the six-day program and will help sustain their commitment to integrity after The LeaderShape Institute.
  • During Learning Community segments and at other times, the Cluster Facilitator assists the Lead Facilitators in managing the session of The LeaderShape Institute. Numerous activities occur during the day at The LeaderShape Institute, many require accompanying instruments, handouts, videos, special instructions, etc. Whenever possible, the entire faculty needs to make sure that the day’s tasks are accomplished efficiently and effectively.
  • During The LeaderShape Institute, Cluster Facilitators are accountable to the two Co-Lead Facilitators who have overall responsibility for managing the week.


  • Facilitators can expect to learn about themselves and others as they journey with their students through the intensive six-day LeaderShape Institute. Skills such as interpersonal relations, versatile leadership styles, and goal-oriented thinking will be discussed and practiced throughout the process. Cluster facilitators also gain the satisfaction that comes with coaching students to become more purposeful individuals and to realize their true potential. Additionally, facilitators gain the confidence and trust of over fifty students and will have the opportunity to continue those relationships for the months and years to come.


Before the Institute:

  • Attend informational meetings
  • Communicate with On-Site Coordinators in advance if there is a problem that arises that would make you unable to attend
  • Attend all faculty training (May 10-11, 2015)

During the Institute:

  • Stay on-site for the entire session (May 10-16, 2015)
  • Do the work necessary to ensure that you are fully present and focused

Following the Institute:

    • Talk about your experience with peers following the session
    • Provide a voice to LeaderShape
    • Encourage peers to attend LeaderShape
    • Connect the week to a passion you have in life
    • Contribute to others’ learning

Faculty/Staff Cluster Facility Application

Cluster Facilitators are selected through an application process and interview with the Program Coordinator and Onsite Coordinators. Faculty and/or staff members are encouraged to apply to serve in this role.

- Please Note: Preference for Cluster Facilitators will be provided to those who have never served in this capacity at UGA or any other institution.

The application for Cluster Facilitators for the 2015 UGA Session is now available through the link below. Please note, you will need to create a login for the LeaderShape Website. Once you have completed this step it may be necessary to re-click on the link below. Please ensure you are applying to serve at the UGA Session of the LeaderShape Institute.

Click Here to access the Cluster Facilitator Application

Application Deadline: February 13, 2015 by 5:00pm

Important Dates:

Interviews: They will be conducted by a scheduled meeting the week of February 16th. Faculty Orientation: TBD based on availability of selected faculty.

Faculty Training: Sunday, May 10, 2015
LeaderShape Institute: May 11-16, 2015

For more information regarding LeaderShape, the Cluster Facilitator Role and/or the application process, please contact Katie Johnston at 706-542-1038 or by email at katiej@uga.edu.






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