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LeaderShape 2009 Visions

Tola Adeyeye - To create an ideal future specifically for African-American women (to later translate to everyone) where through open dialogue about sexual health, they can understand the dangers HIV/AIDS present to them and take steps to avoid it and increase their sexual safely and sexual health.

Jvon Alexander - To create a future of equal opportunity in education for underprivileged children while establishing positive environments at home and in the community.

Elizabeth Aycock - To change the immigration laws that make it difficult for people of all ethnicities to come to the United States.

James Beqch - A future where the cultural norm is to maximize one self and stop at nothing for success.

Bridgette Burton - To open Performing Arts Centers in all counties in the United States where men, women, and children can come and express themselves through the Arts and receive training.

Lydia Cardona-Arvelo - A future in which people will no longer suffer because of the conditions they were born into or be victimized on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, etc. I hope for a world in which people are able to have access to resources that may improve their quality of life.

Chris Cary - A world where human growth and existence is completely sustainable, starting with agriculture.

Maima Chea - A future that is void of disparities in the education system in order to allow for a better quality of life (equal access, equal equity, equal opportunity).

Cynthia Clemons - A world in which any and every person has the opportunity to receive an education from qualified teachers, educators, etc. regardless of money.

Ricky Coates - Diseases, like HIV, are globally contained through the eradication of stigma.

Stefani D’angelo - A future in which everyone in the United States (and world) is able to receive exceptional health care regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Josh Delaney - A world where children can break free of their states of poverty through dramatic and creative expression.

Ashley Dobbs - To create “safe space havens” that provide people with health education, provide resources such as tests, medicine, pamphlets, etc., and ensure positivity through action.

Jared Eakins - To dismantle the significant disparities between UGA and the Athens-Clarke County community fostering integration of these two entities to such an extent that the differences between them no longer exist.

Jillian Farr - Create To create programs at children’s hospitals that focus on fun and interactive activities and sports to make children in hospitals happier and provide distractions for them. I also want to increase family and friend involvement in these activities to keep families close and involved and to boost the morale of these families.

Jennifer Fink - To increase availability of mentors and committed role models for incoming students in order to gain confidence and receive the resources and support they’re comfortable with to succeed.

Erica Gibson - For all youth to have the ability to confidently pursue and achieve their goals through workshops and group discussions.

Nekabari Goka - To create a world in which students at the University of Georgia will rethink their methods of constructing their social networks and consequent social identities.

Lawrence Harris - To create a proper sexual education book that encompasses all forms of sexuality and to create a business that employs counselors to help teens and adults with issues related to sexuality.

Bree Hill -To create a world with successful marriages and two-parent homes.

Holly Kamau -To create an America where people aren’t afraid to live life the way they want to and are able to live the way they are expected to.

Melissa King - To assist underprivileged children in realizing their full potential and “daring to dream.”

Kumal Kumadhalayu - To provide accessible and affordable healthcare to all.

Kamilah Lewis - Using mental happiness as the key to a nurturing and healthy life for women recovering from abusive relationships.

Christine Lillard - To eradicate discrimination based on ethnicity, race, and nationality.

Meghan McFerrin - That all people will realize their self-worth.

David Nettey - To do away with the superficial relationships between races and create new friendships based on shared experiences and differences.

Dimal Patel - To provide healthcare facilities for all underprivileged communities across the United States.

Laura Picott - To create a better quality American education system.

Bree Randall - To create a society free of STIs and HIV/AIDS among youth, particularly, young women.

Kendall Reed - To make a positive impact on the world by means of an inspiration cycle, where people are inspired through stories of children with long-term illnesses and children are inspired through acts of compassion.

Alexis Ruiz - To see all honest undocumented immigrants receive documentation and become fully integrated into U.S. society with equal access to resources and support from their community.

Elida Ruiz - To see all Hispanics in the United States graduate from college.

Raha Sabet - To provide a mentor to support every child who has experienced a traumatic event.

Danielle Sambo - To meet basic health care and educational needs in underdeveloped areas of the world thus eliminating certain diseases and health conditions.

Wendy Shon - To give all children, especially homeless children, the chance to actively use their imagination under a positive influence so they can become anything they desire to be.

Kimberly Steele - To empower children through community support.

Shauna Taylor - To provide access so that every child and young person can take advantage of opportunities and resources to change the world and be successful.

Robert Thomas - To create a world without evil and without injustice.

Anh Trieu - To create an ideal future for everyone.

Kruti Vora - To create a life-education curriculum for unfortunate people in the world, where people of all ages learn to work together to lead a balanced life.

Keya Wondwossen - To create opportunities for underprivileged groups to have their passions realized and tailored to their own interests and wants/needs.

Alana Wong - To drastically reduce rates of obesity and chronic disease in America.


LeaderShape 2007 Visions

Daniel Boose - My vision involves improving literacy rates by creating a mentoring program that emphasizes the importance of reading and the arts. By fostering reading and the creative sides of children, they will develop not only the ability to read, but they will also

Kimberly Bradley - "Be the change you wish to see in this world."- Gandhi
I envision a world where individuals live their lives with integrity and compassion where we seek to understand one another's experiences, finally realizing that each unique perspective is a gift.

Alexander Brown - I foresee a future where the mental, physical and emotional health and growth of our youth becomes the forefront of our educational efforts. Through music, the arts and other traditionally "secondary" subjects we will inspire today's children to crave kn

Corbin Busby - if the world were mine all individuals would be educated, exposed, and immersed into the belief systems, traditions, and histories, of foreign cultures, so that they can understand, appreciate, and rejocie in the differences and as a resul enable the indi

Elizabeth Butler - I envision a society that fosters respect for the internal family unit, both traditional and non-traditional, as the core of a thriving community in which bonded, invested parents serve a vital and influential role in their children's lives.

Hannah Cowart - I envision a world where childbirth is embraced as a powerful and natural occurrence which has the potential to firmly instill pride, power, true respect for our bodies and confidence in our ability to find fulfillment in life. I envision a world where w

Steven Dasher - I envision a world where education systems are strengthened by an incorporation of music and the arts into the basic educational curriculum.

Karla Dempsey - I envision a world where all dogs are given a chance at life and treated with kindness. In this world, every dog, like every person, would have a purpose in the community and a place to call home.

Michelle Dowst - I envision a world where each person treats every other person as if they were a member of their own family. One person's happiness and success is happiness and success for all.

Deb Dutta - I envision a world that would accept all walks of life into its legal framwork. So that our gay brothers, lesbian sisters, and transgendered siblings may be protected by non-discrimination, hate crime and marriage laws, just like everyone else.

Bobby Edenfield - I envision a world where media promotes inclusivity, respect, and acceptance for all, with compete disregard for stereotypes, to encourage individuality and personal identity. A world where media provides exposure to positive multi-cultural role models,

Kristi Espiau - I envision a world where young people are genuinely concerned for the health of their environment and are taking proactive steps to protect the planet.

Emily Ferris - I envision a world of equal educational opportunity, that allows all students access to a quality education, removing obstacles which force students to feel unable to succeed. A world that provides support for those students.

Wendy Fujita - I envision a community of first generation college students who are encouraged to discover, explore, and pursue their passions through action oriented involvement.

Kellie Gerbers - I want to see a world where students engage in critical thinking where students are aware of current events and global issues where students engage in learning for the sake of learning itself, and not just a higher grade point average.

Diya Goorah - I want to create a world in which there are resources readily available fro people suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses. By improving the psychological state and morale of these patients, a lot of their pain could be alleviated.

Monica Haselden - I envision a world where everyone has an egual opportunity to recieve proper health care and are well educated about health issues.

Amanda Hill - I envision a world where all children regardless of learning pace can get the fullest educational experience by being intrinsically motivated to learn for its own sake, and to feel a sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction in learning that can o

Jennifer Mangon - I look forward to creating a world where underpriviledged youth are FEARLESS in defying the community's expectations, eliminating the cycle of limitation, and becoming a pioneer/ role model to their community.

Susan Navin - America: Still the land of OpportunityI see an America in which we live up to the values of our fore fathers, we accept new people into our country with open arms in order to form a melting pot.

Laura Parker - My vision deals with the elder in our own comunity. I feel that they have become neglected and forgotten. I envision a place where the youth and elders wok together to learn and grown with one another. I want to be able to have programs where each gene

Ryan Provost - I envision a world where people strive to ATTAIN knowledge about our people and world environment, a world where people APPRECIATE and understand the differences that exist between us as natural and fascinating, and a world where people APPLY their knowle

Katuschka Rakovec Rakovec - I envision a world blind to cultural, racial, and socioeconomic differences a world that promotes ALL individuals to seek personal growth, cultural understanding, and global comradery through the invaluable experiences provided through travel and the exp

lIyali Ruiz - My vision is to serve as a motivational speaker and helper for the Hispanic students in our local high schools. My intention is to provide them with the support and knowledge of what does going to college mean, that they may be lacking. I will do this by

Michelle Samuel-Foo - Project: College Bound-International
I envision a world in which all students in Trinidad and Tobago will have access to the resources that will enable them to apply for scholarships that will allow them to pursure tertiary level education opportunites.

Malikah Shafiq - I envision a world where all students have an equal opportunity in education. A world where students are able to maximize their physical, mental and spiritual potential through the access of multiple avenues, awareness of possibility as a result of these

Adam Sharpe - I want a future where people fear not growth, but rather stagnancy a citizenry with a thirst for knowledge, a hunger to understand how and why life is, aware of what exists beyond their immediate understanding, seeing the experience of others and welcoming.

Yvette Spears - I envision a world inwhich cultural awareness is not only defined as an acknowledgement of a person's cultural identity but a true willingness to understand the needs and views of all cultures. A place where people no longer see events as race/culture spe

Haroon Tekrawala - I would like to enhance and revitalize programs that allow minority entrepeneurs to access a variety of resources that will enable them to succeed and maximize their contribution to the economy as a whole.

Kimi Trinidad - I envision a world of comraderie, a world of people helping others not because they have to or because it makes them feel better about themselves, but solely to pass on a good deed with the small chance that it would make the others' day a little bit more

Arthur Tripp - My vision is to empower and educate young minds to start thinking about their future.

Will Warren - I envision a world where a true sense of "community" is understood, where "synergy" is no longer an abstract term but a way of life, and people are not judged based on race, socioeconomic status, or perceived ability but by their passions and goals.


2006 Visions

Farida Ahmadi – (Disadvantaged Youth) A world where children can maximize their potential due to better access to healthcare and educational opportunities.

Asalya Akhmerova – (Community & Relationship Building) A community where children and young adults who are dealing with difficult family issues are able to remove their feelings of loneliness, depression and anger and replace them with hope and comfort. A place where there is always an available outlet that permits them to support and strengthen one another regardless of their cultural affiliation in order to eliminate unhealthy ways of coping.

Keith Barksdale – (Diversity) Create a world where people can practice inclusions and acceptance through human interaction on a daily basis. A world where people can learn to appreciate, benefit and enjoy the many differences that make each individual unique.

Daniel Beer – (Diversity) A world community where everyone is proud of being a human first, spawning respect for the beliefs of all cultures/beliefs/Religions/Nationalities.

Jennifer Bellamy – (Disadvantaged Youth) A world of children and youth who have high self-esteem, resulting in increased social action, morality, respect and better decision making.

Chase Chastain – (Disadvantaged Youth) Where children and kids whose parents are divorced, are able to process the feelings and aspect of divorce and are able to feel loved and a sense of belonging, allowing them to understand that things happen for a reason, therefore, good things can come out of divorce.

Nita Cousins – (Diversity) My vision for humanity is to mold the world into a place which people can stand together, looking past their differences to create equal opportunities for all.

Pallie Davis – (Diversity) I want to see a world where all people are tolerant and accepting of others; where we all peacefully coexist and appreciate others.

Joshua Eason – (Education) For children to have a high sense of self-esteem and confidence through the vehicle of an equal and individualized formal education regardless of the hindrances imposed by socioeconomic status.

Kyle Finegan – (Disadvantaged Youth) That young kids will maintain and develop a positive self-esteem and a positive self-image.

Lee Fletchall – (Women) My vision is that no one is affected by acquaintance rape.

Carolyn Githieya – (Diversity) Promote diversity in universities, corporate America, and US politics.

Char-Lynn Griego – (Disadvantaged Youth) Improve the self-esteem of middle school children in order to help them avoid peer pressure and make good life choices.

Sana Hashmi – (Women) Women across the world will not only be empowered but will also evolve into examples of the pinnacle of powerful, successful figures, especially in medicine and business through skill development and mentoring.

Mamie Harper – (Women) To create a sanctuary for women that offers peace, healing, guidance warmth and love in an non-judgmental atmosphere.

Olga Herndon – (Health) To raise global awareness, to educate, to emotionally support, and to advocate on behalf of people who struggle with eating disorders, body image issues, and low self-esteem.

Chandler Holbrook – (Community & Relationship Building) My vision is to live in a world where not only do citizens live fear from the fear of genocide, but where governments that are able to prevent or intervene in genocide do so

Michael Hotard – (Community & Relationship Building) My vision is a world that values people and community rather than consumption and material possessions, where success is not measured by personal wealth but the state of humanity.

Joy Ishii – (Education) a world in which children (especially middle school age) can gain support/guidance through their transition from childhood to adolescence through young adult mentors

Paige Jackson – (Disadvantaged Youth) My vision is to expose under-privileged, black, teenaged males to possibilities beyond their expectations. As a result, they will feel inspired and empowered to set and achieve new goals.

Jimari Jones – (Diversity) The African American Community will reach its full potential as equal contributing members of society via a cultural revival, spiritual atonement and a restoration of hope.

Justin Karl – (Religion) Change lives of collegiate students, hopefully for Christ.

Kevin Killips – (Religion) To create a world where problems or battles never arise based on religious ignorance or misunderstanding. To increase awareness and appreciation for what makes us similar as well as what makes us –as religious groups – different and unique.

Jessica King – (Diversity) An educated, culturally appreciative society that is rich with equal opportunity and free from ignorance, discrimination and cultural and religious politics

Kate Kotsko – (Education) I want to have every child achieve his/her dream through further education. This will occur through creating equal opportunity and means for every child.

Kimberly Marshall – (Religion) For the Christian community to build relationships across different denominations and cultural backgrounds, in order to learn from each other and combine their gifts and talents, so the body can effectively serve the community and beyond.

Bailey Maxwell – (Healthcare & Science) I want people to understand an animal before they adopt/buy it. Knowing all the information will decrease the amount of adult animals in shelters which will decrease the amount of animals being euthanized. Also for people to spay and neuter their animals.

Christen Miller – (Disadvantaged Youth) I want to push the intellectual limits of young children, allowing them to better reach their potential

Noah Mink – (Disadvantaged Youth) a world where every child has a quality role model who inspires them to work for success. Chinasa Ordu – (Diversity) To see organizations regardless of sex, age, religion, sexual preference, and greek affiliation unite together to promote cultural awareness and diversity.

Dustin Page – (Healthcare & Science) A world in which all children receive appropriate healthcare, in its entirety, in order to give children around the world equal opportunity to be healthy and thrive.

Renee Pascale – (Diversity)Where all persons (especially children) are taught respect, tolerance, and acceptance of other cultures. Also, where people are more culturally aware of their identities. This will create awareness and sensitivity for all.

Natalie Puckett – (Community & Relationship Building) My vision is for each family to become a support system for itself by increasing communication between members, recognizing differences between each member and allowing for individual and family growth.

Jessica Pulsifer – (Religion) To change the Christian Community into inherently accepting and loving of the LGBT community; and to chant the LGBT community’s perception of the Christian Church.

Nekeisha Randall – (Religion) To promote the unification of Christian Campus Ministries so that the Body of Christ will have a collaborative, healthy, and relevant presence on college campuses everywhere

Alexandria Rizzo – (Community & Relationship Building) My vision is to create a community of “believers”. These individuals will believe in themselves as well as others. The result of this will be children reaching their full potential by believing in themselves.

Ashley Rutledge – (Disadvantaged Youth) For kids to have a healthy, safe and nurturing environment that helps them explore their passions and develop into strong numbers of the community

Caren Schiff – (Community & Relationship Building) To increase exposure and access for all people to the range of foreign and domestic issues that affect them in order to form a move educated constituency and spur social change.

Ashley Smith – (Disadvantaged Youth) My vision is that children will develop sound relationship patterns despite the presence of addictive behaviors in the home specifically the parent figures.

Gregory Snyder – (Healthcare) A world where all people live a healthy life. This is to: Give people energy to achieve and aspire more to see the natural world and live a longer healthier life

Margaret Strickland – (Women) That women will be empowered and become stronger people after suffering through traumatic events or psychological disorders by releasing their emotions through interaction with peers who have shared the same experiences.

Jeremiah Tarbutton – (Disadvantaged Youth) For all children to feel comfort and assurance in their self-empowerment as well as in their ability to rely on others. For their independence to allow them to hold fast to their inner voice and their interdependency to allow them to show their vulnerability in a safe environment.

Jon Trinidad – (Disadvantaged Youth) Where children act their age and stop trying to live their lives like adults.

Patrick Villafane – (Healthcare & Disadvantaged Youth) I want every kid to be nourished.

Megan Vogt – (Environment) People will respect and appreciate the gifts of the planet Earth and treat its resources and with respect and reverence.

Briana Wuagneux – (Diversity) to preserve cultural identity through experience and education abroad to counter our ever-expanding westernized world

Ben Zhang – (Education) I would like to use education as a means to fight poverty and a multitude of social ills through economic development

Karla Zientowski – (Healthcare & Science) I want to create an environment in which those individuals experiencing mental illnesses can seek help free of judgment and not be concerned that their illness will be treated as a stigma


2005 Visions

Yinka Akinyemi – My vision is that our society would increase the understanding and importance of diversity.

Tim Anderson – My vision is that colleges and universities across the state and nation would be more aware of the opportunities to assist in funding children’s health care.Laura Bailey – For all UGA students to have a niche on campus.

Ashley Beebe – That among the community of siblings and children of patients with dangerous diseases, feelings of isolation and loneliness will be eliminated.

Stephanie Blackett – My vision is that everyone on UGA’s campus will realize their power as individuals and use their involvement on campus to influence and motivate others to do the same.

Rochelle Blumenstock – I want to ensure that every American child is educated about various international cultures and perspectives.

Dyanna Buro – My vision is that people will be educated about the health risks of smoking, by promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle, in order to reduce the intake of tobacco.

Brittany Calhoon – To help promote UGA across the country and educate high school students about the academic, involvement, and social aspects of campus life. Which would thus add to a more diverse campus lifestyle (example: east and west coast).

David Carswell – My vision is that college students will utilize their knowledge acquired in the classroom and implement service learning projects that change the lives of people around the world.

Ryan Connor – That the world will become a place where people are educated in basic emergency response techniques and the importance of blood, platelet and organ donations.

Andrea Cox – I want a college campus environment where student satisfaction is greatly improved through campus and community involvement and every student finds his or her niche.

Braniff Davis – I want to create a world where people are more aware of global issues and want to positively act upon these issues.

Katy Deluca – I want to create an environment for college students that help them feel comfortable sharing their emotions and concerns.William Draper – That all communities are sustainable, efficient, and non-detrimental toward the environment.

Lauren Fields – My vision is that students choose to make low risk decisions concerning alcohol use.

Adam Gobin – That the UGA students, faculty, and staff bodies along with the Athens community, be involved and engaged in international cultures and issues.

Axel Gonzalez – A future where single mothers are respected for their strengths and abused women are empowered so that both groups may achieve personal and practical growth, satisfaction and new commitment to further this same idea.

Frankie Grooms – My vision is that Christian students can feel connected to a ministry that can enrich their lives.

Ryan Grunz – My vision is that young adult leaders could come together in order to reinforce positive ideals.

Tara Hagen – My vision is that the cost of children’s healthcare in Atlanta and Athens will be provided for by donations through organizations and philanthropies.

Alex Heller – A future where young people, regardless of background, are supported academically and through character development in after-school programs and activities.

Carly Heyman – That there is a healthy balance between high-achievers and relaxation.

Candace Hill – The ideal future I want to create is one where there is complete unity among the black students on the campus of the University of Georgia.

Jennifer Jackson – A future that harvests more dynamic and compassionate relationships between UGA students and the surrounding community – where the two do not simply co-exist, but rather utilize each other for the betterment of the community as a whole.

Marcus Johnson – I envision a community where people can feel comfortable discussing and communicating issues to create positive change in the community.

Quinton Lampkin – My vision is that more young people will impact the world in a positive way!

Anna Lee – That minority women will have access to and utilize excellent health care.

Sara Link – That every female would embrace and respect her body while fostering faith in Christ.

Tamica Norton – That students have a healthy self image (start in elementary schools).

Elizabeth Omaivboje – I want to create a future for children in the Athens community where they can appreciate the value of education. I would like to increase the rate of students that graduate high school in the Athens community through educational after school activities and a mentoring program.

Katy Sciortino – That young people will be motivated through positive reinforcement and recognition as well as encouraged to “dream big” and contribute to their community.

Mehul Shah – That all students will be aware of the academic honesty policy, and all faculty will fully enforce and implement the policy (nationally).

Anjali Shroff – My vision is that all people are aware of organ donation and individuals in need of support and organs are able to receive what they need.

Matthew Smith – That kids across Georgia from unstable homes will be able to escape from this by helping to change the environment at home and away from home.

Stephen Sowell – To create a more welcoming environment of encouragement and support for University freshmen.

Chris Stokes – That “gay students” are just seen as “students” and are welcomed and embraced by the entire campus.

Eric Stolze – That all public school students have opportunities to grow socially and academically outside the traditional classroom setting.

Matt Suber – That America maintains a profound appreciation of the military.

Priti Taparia – My vision is that young underprivileged students (k-12) through strong integrity and character act as leaders in their every day life.

Michelle Wexler – My vision is that elementary school students are exposed to a variety of interests, passions, areas of study, and future opportunities through the shared experiences of UGA college students.

Julian Williams – My vision is that under privileged, minority high school students are exposed to the opportunities and resources at a large research institution composed of predominantly white students.

Matthew Wilson – That all students wishing to seek an agriculture education at Georgia’s Land Grant Institution regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status, are able to do so.

Jennifer Wolter – That America will be smoke-free.Chris Yonz – That the atmosphere is such that Christians and young people can have fun without exposing themselves to health and faith-related temptations.


2004 Visions

Darion Adams - A more involved UGA campus in the area of community service. 

Emem Adolf - For children from lower socioeconomic status, I would like to create a 3-day nutrition/wellness/physical fitness camp hosted by college students. On day 3 of the program, the students (collegians) would get to site-see in the urban city of their program. 

Matt Armstrong - I envision a renewed and reformed sense of Greek life values that would break down discrimination barriers and enhance communication and cooperation between these organizations; through an event resembling the Olympics (Greek Olympics).

Derek Ash - I would like to create a service for black males and females to show them how to operate in healthy relationships and motivate them to maintain the standards of being gentlemen and women. 

Conrhonda Baker - A future where everyone would strive to learn more about other cultures, recognize and appreciate their own contributions, and display discontent when opportunities are not available. 

Rob Beringhaus - I envision, that when all soldiers return home from Iraq that they will all be welcomed with the love and support of a thankful nation. 

Erin Bohan - I want all children to have the skills to read analytically and comprehensively, so as to build a foundation for the perpetuation of culture in literature. 

Tucker Brown - I want to dramatically increase the percentage of eligible U.S. College students who vote by simplifying the process by which out of state students apply for absentee ballots. 

Will Childs - A world of understanding and inclusion if people affected by HIV and AIDS where college campuses across the nation and in major AIDS plagued countries adopt my program to bring together AIDS victims and other community members to increase interaction and awareness and help them live a more enriched life. 

Eric Cho - To promote character development in the young teens of Athens through many activities and sports. 

Natasha Chua Tan - I want every international student to find their place. 

Shannon Cliatt - I envision a world where children are allowed to reach their full potential and not be judged by their nationality, social status, history, health, or family.

Harry Dixon - I want colleges and towns to create a local environment that is solely for students, helping the economy of the town, enhancing the social and cultural experience for students and fostering a sense of community. 

Courtney Doran - Create passion and awareness for the need to increase the quality of life for children affected by HIV/AIDS at campuses around the nation. 

Kristen Duncan - To enhance relationships between minority students and faculty through a mentoring program. 

Timothy Evans - I want to create a country where college students are all informed and registered to vote. I also want to create a club that will help to fulfill this vision. 

Allison Farr - I want to promote the wellness of all UGA students through increased awareness of mental health resources and acceptability of the use of these resources. 

Leigh Foisy - Promote awareness/educate the Athens-Clarke County community of the serious responsibility that drivers hold behind the wheel. Awareness includes pedestrian safety, safe driving habits, and the consequences/effects of drinking and driving. 

Sheena Gaiter - I would like to create a friendly environment where UGA students and Athenians can live in harmony. 

Eric Gilmore - I would have a program that includes character education and goal setting for young disadvantaged minority youth to get more of these students in to college. 

Ilya Gokhman - Create an infrastructure within communities that provides an avenue for advancement through education, athletics, and community development. 

Justin Golshir - I envision a UGA community where people have understanding of different cultures, where stereotypes are broken, where opportunities for international exchange are increased, and where future globally -minded leaders are produced. 

Lauren Gottung - I want to create a chance for all elementary students specifically minority students to experience a college campus and college students to encourage their pursuit of higher education. 

Brandon Hall - To create a development program in rural communities for at-risk teens that emphasizes structure, academics, and social well-being.

Kate Hobgood - I want to create the possibility for positive influential relationships between high school students at Classic City High School and others in our community (collegians, adults, children). I would like to encourage the Catholic Center members to participate.

Timothy Hughes - A nation where people are related not only by their race, religion, and age but by the content of their character. The first multi-cultural co-ed honors leadership fraternity will set the new standard of diversity. 

Amanda Jarrard - I want to create something - a day, event, a letter writing campaign, or simply a spirit or an attitude - in which people are able to say thank you, are able to show their appreciation to anyone and everyone who has made a difference in their lives. 

M. Blaire Long - I want to see an increase in the number of students who are involved with organizations on-campus. 

Geraldine McIntyre - Bring communities and universities in college towns together through political education, action, and participation. 

Michael Mepham - Empowered youths through sports with an emphasis on character development . A “Character in Basketball (sports)”. 

Hawley Morrison - I want to create an increasingly diverse and appreciative student body, which interacts with people of differences on a regular basis. I want this aware, open, and diverse community to influence, reach-out to, and affect the rest of the state of Georgia and even the world - with sincerity, love, acceptance and positive attitude. 

Grace Ogunyemi - I want to create a world free of poverty where children regardless of socioeconomic status can attain a quality education and good health care for free. 

AJ Pace - I want to coordinate a training/cls conference for UGA Residence Hall Council executive board members, advisors, and their reps to produce strong, well-trained hall councils. 

Evan Pellegrino - An environment between UGA Greeks where relationships between diverse groups of people will be sought after. 

Jolee Porter - I envision a future in which every foster child is involved in a positive and stable relationship that helps him or her persist and succeed in the face of adversity. 

Megan Powers - A community of children who are patients in a hospital get excited and feel special because a group of young adults visited them and made them laugh.

Amy Price - My vision is to create an environment to bring together students of different faiths in a fun and educational way to create understanding, awareness, and appreciation of all faiths.

Brad Priest - I see a world in which people appreciate what this planet provides. I want a society that recognizes its impact on the environment and strives ti protect what it has been given.

Kamica Ross - I want to create a future where children will see the importance of education and will strive to attend and graduate from college as to make/create a better future for themselves.

Raj Shah - For middle schoolers to gain a sense of pride in the values instilled through the 4-H program.

Tanya Shakhnovsky - A future where a “chose or lose” campaign is implemented on campuses for college age people in order to increase voter turnout and youth involvement in government.

Miranda Sigety - I want to raise awareness about the misuse and selling of Rx drugs on college campuses.

Lindsay Smith - I want students, primarily targeted to freshman, to be more aware of opportunities and organizations at the University of Georgia. 

Chloe’ Thompson - I want to promote social improvement among minority groups through international travel and cultural exchange.

Matt Tincknell - I envision a lifestyle of creating relationships within the community and then minister to their special needs, whether it be in the business world, ministry, or in my community. 

Taylor Trepte - To improve awareness, communication, and understanding of language and cultural barriers in the community in order to foster mutual respect and successful relationships between Spanish and English speaking populations.

Tracey VanVoorhis - I want to create a future where all high school aged students in the state of Georgia would be inspired to prepare themselves for and attend some form of higher education (preferably UGA); and all upper aeschylean or ivy-league bound students would be interested in UGA as their college of choice based on a full understanding of what UGA has to offer.Katie Wood - I want all at-risk teens to recognize their abilities and understand the importance of education so that they reach their full potential.


2003 Visions

Phaedra Adu - I would like to create an environment for minority students in under served areas where they value education and become productive influential visionaries in their communities.

Itoro Akpan - To diversify UGA and increase the 1.9% minority men attending UGA. I also want to enhance the college experience for students by starting up a mentorship partnership between faculty and students which will help with relationships.

Joseph Antonio - I want to create a community service event where all UGA students of various cultural identities and backgrounds work together to have direct interaction with the less fortunate.

Michael Baddour - To increase interaction between diversified groups helping to eliminate stereotypes as well as provide support for the less fortunate.

Tommy Branch - I want to manifest more local enrollment at the college level in the surrounding communities by making high school students more aware of the educational and social offerings of college through an after school program.

Jordan Bray - An environment where children/teens who are in an unfortunate situation (family) can have someone to look up to as a role model.

Katie Brock - In order to promote a more open-minded society, my vision is to create international service opportunities for university students that enable them to better understand the world outside of America.

Evita Broughton - To create a women’s resource center that provides academic, professional, and personal guidance while fostering self-confidence and reinforcing positive values in young college women of color across the U.S.

Chase Cain - An all-inclusive pep-rally on campus which blurs denominational lines by energizing and unifying all Christians toward a common goal.

Lael Chappell - Improve social interactions between various ethnic groups by increasing the diversity on University of Georgia’s campus through a minority recruitment weekend for incoming freshmen.

Chris Collins - A future where change that is needed becomes reality.

Shaunteria Dye - I want to create increasing interaction between corporate employers and future business leaders through a regional conference surrounding Athens.

Kara Gordon - A world in which children do not have to worry about having appropriate supplies for all needs, and where they can grow up free from judgment based only on those that came before them.

Courtney Hudson - To create specific opportunities for people to understand their own personal value in order for them to become more productive members of their community.

Kenneth L. Johnson, Jr.- My vision is to give college students a chance to give back to the community sharing their love of the Arts with young impressionable students who might not otherwise be exposed to this way of self-expression allowing for an enlightened generation centered around service.

Jesse Jones - To educate students about leadership opportunities and leadership theory, as well as international issues and cultural differences, so that students will use what they have learned to inspire, motivate, and develop more well-rounded leaders at the University of Georgia.

Jill Koretzky - I would like to create a future of happiness, friendships, role models, and fun for young cancer patients and survivors at no cost to their families.

Eric Lauer - To make WUOG a useful, valuable, widely-recognizable tool not only for students interested in radio broadcasting but also for campus organizations and ideas.

Roswell Lawrence, Jr. - To create an organization that will mold all youths into leaders of their home, community, and world in order to produce a more enlightened generation and society better than the last.

David Marsden - I want to create an ACC Commission that better represents the views and concerns of the 32,000 UGA students.

Katie McDermott - To create and foster a positive UGA community that embraces cultural differences and is strengthened by the unique characteristics of every individual.

Ellen McGrew - That sexual assault is confronted to create a safe environment for everyone by informing people of statistics, destroying stereotypes, and encouraging the prosecution of criminals.

Stephen McGuire - My vision is to bring togther college students into an open and genuine Christian community. My hope is that I may help to support and maintain a true student church body that allows believers and non-believers to participate in continual and intimate relationship with each other in an effort to encourage and support each other in faith.

Elizabeth Mobley - I see a better world where people do not “self-neglect” - - where people value themselves enough to take the initiative to lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain proper physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Yannick Newby - A diverse and involved environment by way of creating an agency that assists all students with an emphasis on those of diverse backgrounds and cultures in recognizing student activities that best suit their interests for the purpose of challenging their time management skills while in pursuit of their degree.

Mai-Lise Nguyen - A culture based on the principles of integrity and accountability, devoid of judgement and discrimination, where each person realizes they are truly one part of a more important goal (for my peers, yet which can be expanded to businesses and other organizations).

Femi Obadina - My dream is for preventing and creating an AIDS free Africa.

Funke Obadina - A place where people demonstrate action and awareness toward issue of the increasing rate of HIV/AIDS.

Nitin Patel - I want to create services and philanthropies to foster an environment of equal opportunity for communities nationally and internationally.

Darrell Ponder - A service organization that provides friendships, resources, and hope, which continuously serves the financially, mentally, and physically challenged community.

Brad Robbins - To match up college students with service learning internships that correlate to their field of study, simultaneously contributing to the community and enriching the students classroom experience through practical application.

Casey Rogers - I envision a community and campus wide philanthropy that feeds off each of its respective elements.

Ashley Rudolph - A central campus mentorship center under which existing mentor programs can unite for improved resources, funding possibilities, and increased student awareness in order to better serve local school districts.

Darcy Ryan - Achieving mental growth and stimulation through activities that benefit others.

Lilly Seay - Equal opportunity for underprivileged children by offering them the chance to be educated in the area of Fine Arts through free services and programs.

Brittany Shaw - A collaborate effort between University systems and community leaders to foster relationships that network, support, and encourage individual student lives for the better.

Jenifer Sipin - To create an environment where students from across a college campus that provides an opportunity for students to do activities around the Athens area.

Katie Tarbush - Positively impact mentally and physically disadvantaged young people because of willing and enthusiastic mentors.

Trey Taylor - To provide positive role models for children in the local community through the Boy Scouts of America Organization.

Eric Trehern - To create a facility where middle school and high school students can go and get advice, help, and inspiration on how to get to college and succeed.

Munga (Bobby) Wechsler - A society in which college students and older people seriously invest in the development of today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

Landon Williams - I want to create an environment for high school students that are college bound, introducing them to a non-tourist university environment in both an academic and extra-curricular manner using diverse student ambassadors. This will attract and acclimate them to the university.


2002 Visions

Emily Baldwin - A community in which teens and young adults are encouraged to dream big for their future, and are aided in their journey to make those dreams their reality.

Tekeisha Bowman - I would like to create an ideal future for youth who are in need an outlet such as athletics. I would like to enhance their lives by giving them positive mentors to look up to and help them realize their full potential.

Julie Camp - For all elderly people to receive the care, attention, and respect that they deserve from every person in their community, as well as continue participation in fulfilling activities.

Erica Carnegie - For all people to avoid judging others on just their race, but instead, allow themselves to approach others with an open mind in order to avoid making incorrect assumptions.

John D. Carson - I would like for all persons with a life-limiting illness in the Athens- Clarke county area to maintain a sense of belonging through interactions with people of all ages, genders, and racial backgrounds.

Nathan Copeland - A campus that is involved in itself, takes time to volunteer to benefit the community, and is aware of the organizations to join, and activities occurring on campus.

Michael L. Costello - Through the support of men and women, a community will be created in which men are inspired to setup and accept the responsibilities of life. I believe this vision is best prepared to first help the University of Georgia and Athens community.

Sean Crane - My vision is to conceive, create, and advocate diversified activities to instill a sense of multicultural acceptance into the social atmosphere at UGA.

Latosha Dunnigan - To increase awareness of health-related issues, while heightening the level of education concerning basic healthcare, in the low socio-economic communities in the state of Georgia.

Erin J. Fields - My vision is for people to embrace family as the foundation for past, present, and future values and utilize them as a source of wisdom and respect.

Stacee Fletcher - An educational program the teaches children at a young age to recognize others for who they are and not label them by race.

Jazzmaine Francis - I would like to see children across the nation become more aware of their society and embrace a basic respect, care, love and appreciation for their community.

Miles Garrison - Successful education in elementary school due to proper preparation by parents and/or my projected program, intended for residents in Athens, Georgia.

Cigie George - For people to feel free to interact and build relationships with others regardless of their perceived differences. For people to be educated in environments where they are exposed to those they might not normally be exposed to. They are freer to experience life and not limit themselves (and what they can learn) in their relationships with others (thereby creating more aware and cohesive communities, and in turn a more aware and cohesive world).

Elizabeth C. Granger - For all elderly persons to maintain an important role in this world by continuing to pursue their dreams through education, active lifestyles, social interaction, and by continually receiving the respect and recognition they deserve from others.

Russell T. Gregory - For students at the University of Georgia to help assist a nationwide movement aimed at ensuring that students on every educational level have access to a quality education complete with study in the arts and to also help inform the masses of the benefits that the arts provide for students.

Gini Biko Ikwuezunma - My vision is to create an environment where professional students have an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the health and premedical majors while aiding health services within the community.

Maiya Jackson - For the university to create an environment for communities of lower socio-economic status, free of injustice and with equal access to ALL resources, thus allowing these members opportunities for growth and improvement.

Erica Johnson - Create an environment for children that fosters the development of creative talents and abilities through the performing arts while upholding high moral standards.

Amanda B. Jones - I want to create a music industry where women in the business realize the impact they have on other women. They would become more concerned with selling positive, inspiring messages through their lyrics and image than in selling themselves. I also want to encourage aspiring artists/performers to continue sharing their talents and gifts.

Makeida Koyi - For all children to have a high self-esteem and optimism about their future so that they may believe that anything is possible.

Laura F. Kowler - I want first year students to have the opportunity to be exposed to their fellow first year students, allowing them to see the diverse makeup of their class, and enable them to establish a sense of belonging (connection) to the university community at the commencement of their college experience.

G. Scott Lakas - For all able Americans to vote, due to our democracy being tested and attacked, because voting is our responsibility and foundation to uphold our democracy.

Tiffany Lanier - My vision is to have a program that encourages a community of middle to high school aged children to have a vision of their future, to see it as more than just a dream abut as a reality or true responsibility and to work towards achieving that goal no matter how impossible it may seem due to their background.

Mary Katherine Martin - To create a standard of civility where people know the importance of their own inner beauty, and it draws them to take the time to develop real relationships without self-protection and bias. I would like to develop this idea with athletes and Greek women.

Joannah L. Mason - To have ALL people participate in service projects/activities that increase cultural identity and break down biases. Part of the educational process is learning that we are more the same than different.

LaVonda McLean - My vision is for children in the foster care system to develop a sense of security by students, and other adults volunteering their time and developing a sincere relationship with the children at the foster home. The purpose is to bring about awareness of how the foster care system works and to eventually bring about change by having people show that they care for the well being of the children.

Barbara S. McRae - To develop an increased level of ownership and sponsorship of education by youth of lower socio-economic status by broadening their horizons through expanding their scope of reality.

Bryan Melton - I would like to create a program by which young people in need of positive influences and cultural education can travel through an exchange program in order to "broaden their horizons". From experiences across different worlds, he/she can benefit from personal growth and development.

Kiswanna Money - The future that I plan to create is an academic as well as athletic facility for children, helping them to find their dreams and discover their talents. Kids will have the opportunity to bring to pass their own hidden visions.

Charlie Pitts, Jr. - Implement mechanisms to increase knowledge and interest in American domestic and foreign policy. I also will challenge people to participate in educated conversation.

Pramod Raju - That people find a sense of belonging through connecting with organizations and/or people, because it creates a greater respect for yourself and for the organization or group you belong to. This in turn can help instill a feeling of self-fulfillment and importance to a person's position in society.

Lila Richardson - My vision is that all people have increased/strong feelings of self-worth and a positive self-image that empowers them to make decisions that lead to and foster their involvement in positive situations.

Raven N. Rogers - For all people (particularly children in Decatur and Athens, and UGA students) to reach deep within themselves I order to find their positive selves and positive means of interaction between themselves and EVERY person they come in contact with.

Sree Roy - For all college and high school students to live in an environment where people are comfortable with social integration between individuals of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Shomari Ruffin - for all grade school children of lower socioeconomic classes to begin to find their passion, a creative outlet, discipline, and become a well rounded individual by getting involved in the arts.

Latham G. Saddler III - To expand the 2001 Freshman Boards "The Freshman Fifteen" by creating a comprehensive evaluation of all off-campus student housing in order to improve accommodations, facilities, and services.

Rachel St. Fleur - To encourage minority teenage girls in the Athens-Clarke county community to build self-esteem, confidence, and find talent that will mold them to become educated ladies with ethical standards promoting friendship with high school women.

Kelli Thomas - For all children to be secure enough with themselves in order to enlighten and inspire their generation.

Whitney Vance - I have a vision where people will take time out of their busy and hectic lives to truly get to know and have an understanding of their community, to feel comfortable with the people around them, and build healthy and strong relationships, consisting of respect, a feeling of acceptance, and a sense of openness.

Marisa Van Houten - To create and assure that opportunities are available, from elementary school to high school, and extending into the community, for youth to engage in the arts, creating a more fulfilled, well-rounded individual.

Erin Wiedman - For all females in the world to receive the nutritional education to live happy and healthy lives.

Joby Young - A situation where students are interested in, and actively participate in the maintenance of the appearance of campus, and therefore feel closer to one another and the campus itself.

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