Dawg Camp

What is Dawg Camp?

Dawg Camp is a way for incoming first-year students to find their place at the University of Georgia!

Dawg Camp assists in the transition from high school to college by exposing participants to student life at UGA, providing the opportunity for them to be mentored by upper-class Dawg Camp Counselors, and giving them a chance to make connections in order to get a head start on their college careers while learning about leadership, service, and involvement opportunities.

Each camp has a specific focus – service, music, adventure, and leadership – which will allow you to get the most out of your Dawg Camp experience and thrive in your first year at UGA! 


Mark your calendar - Dawg Camp registration opens in December!

Dawg Camp Adventure

Session #1 – July 13-18, 2016
Session #2 – July 20-25, 2016

Dawg Camp Adventure is our outdoors and wilderness-based program. Dawg Camp partners with the Georgia Outdoor Recreation Program (GORP) to provide 16 incoming, first-year students per session the opportunity to camp, hike, and explore the mountains of North Carolina while making connections with other participants and learning more about UGA in the great outdoors!

Dawg Camp Classic City

Session #1 – June 7-11
Session# 2 – June 14-18

Dawg Camp Classic City provides 10 incoming, first-year students per session the opportunity to learn about the opportunities to get involved in Athens and greater Clarke County area through participating in community service/learning experiences. Participants will also build connections with their peers while doing teambuilding activities, learning how to get involved at UGA, and developing their leadership skills.

Dawg Camp Discovery

July 29-31, 2016

Dawg Camp Discovery is a three-day retreat for 250 incoming, first-year students that focuses on the first-year experience, campus involvement, leadership opportunities, school spirit and traditions, and forming meaningful relationships with fellow Bulldogs! Through Discovery weekend, student will learn more about themselves and build community with their peers before move-in day!

Dawg Camp Fusion

June 21-25, 2016

Dawg Camp Fusion provides 10-15 incoming, first-year students the opportunity to connect with Athens' rich history and culture. Participants will learn about the history of Athens music and musical venues, attend AthFest (a renowned local musical festival), visit the campus radio station, interact with different music groups, and even have opportunity to share their talents with others.

Dawg Camp Prime

Date: TBD

Dawg Camp Prime is a new two-day experience that is designed specifically for transfer students who will be transitioning to life at the University of Georgia. Dawg Camp Prime has three main objectives: acclimating students to the UGA campus, providing opportunities for networking and focusing on activities that will improve leadership and teambuilding skills.

Dawg Camp

Staff Contact


Eddie Higginbotham IV, Senior Coordinator

Reggie Gacad, Graduate Advisor


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there something for me?
Yes! There is something for every new University of Georgia student – Service, Outdoor Adventures, Culture, Leadership – each program is designed for different interests!

Can I participate in more than one program?
Yes!  All four programs are exciting and unique, so participate in as many as you would like!

When can I sign up?
Participant registration will begin after Early Decision acceptances are released.

What is the difference between each camp?
Each camp has a specific focus. Discovery is a three day camp that focuses on leadership, involvement, friendship, and UGA traditions. Discovery is the largest camp offered (approximately 250 students). There are also three special programs. The special program camps are 5-6 days apiece and are open to 10-15 students per camp session. Adventure is a camp focusing on outside activities such as kayaking, hiking, and camping. Classic City is a camp focusing on serving the community in Athens. Students will participate in service projects each day. Fusion is a camp focusing on Athens’ Athens diverse culture and music scene. For more information, please look at the Dawg Camps tab.

What all does the price include?
The price of each camp includes lodging, meals, activities, and a tee shirt. 

How is this different than orientation?
During orientation, students will spend a day and a half registering for classes, learning about UGA policies, and meeting their Orientation Leader. Dawg Camp is an extended orientation program. Students will have more opportunity to connect with fellow students and campus leaders. Students experience campus life and ask questions in an informal setting. Activities such as Dawg Camp Olympics, service projects, concerts, camping trips, Shaving Cream fights, and bonfires connect students to the University of Georgia in a way that caters to students’ interests.

Should my family come?
The Dawg Camp program is for students only.

Will I be allowed to have lunch with friends or relatives who live in Covington, Athens, North Carolina, etc.?
We do not allow students to meet with friends or family while they are immersed in a Dawg Camp program.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are a student with a disability which may need accommodation to participate in our program, please directly contact the Disability Resource Center (705-542-8719) for an evaluation of your needs.